Our Story

faceimageWe became friends in Kindergarten and have remained close ever since. There were times where we drifted apart (moving to another state, etc.) but we always stayed in contact. We both got married and had kids while working full-time. With all the challenges of life comes stress from all angles. Stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits and in both of our cases, it did. Our weight fluctuated, health went up and down, and we just weren’t happy with life. We consumed all the zero calorie products, artificial sweeteners, drink mixes, diet sodas, you name it. We thought these would be better for our health and that we would lose weight. Eventually, it all caught up to us. We were both diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012-13, but we have been getting through it together and found our way to organic foods! We became obsessed with researching about organic, healthier eating in a strong effort to feel better. Today, we are able to do almost anything we could before Fibromyalgia and we are happier and healthier; a new and improved version of ourselves. We have a goal in mind, and it is to help others get better and enjoy life like we are now able to do.

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