Resolutions for the New Year

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? I know for me I really really need to develop an exercise routine and stick to it! I have talked about this for so long now. It would be nice to have a treadmill but we just don’t have the room for that. I would love a treadmill desk!!! For now we take the dog on walks and I’m always doing things around the house but I need to develop even just a 15 min routine I can do every morning and stick to it. I get wrapped up in what I’m doing around the house, or on the blog. Maybe I will set an alarm on my phone? 😉 I rode my bike a lot in the summer. It’s harder to get exercise when it’s so cold out. The cold just really hurts and makes Fibro worse.

Here are some of our posts (in no particular order) that may help you feel better this year, and meet those resolutions. Or maybe you don’t have any resolutions yet and need to figure out one that works for you. This may help.

resolutions for 2015


Buy your First Organic Cookbook – Maybe this isn’t a resolution but it would help you cook more organic foods! 🙂 I was lucky to be chosen as a cookbook ambassador for 2 really great cookbooks. I now own my first 2 organic cookbooks. My review of these cookbooks is included in each link below, and there’s a 3rd option for purchase (one that I don’t own yet but am planning to buy).

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Review

Deliciously Organic, Grain-Free Family Table Cookbook Review


Make a School Lunch Every Day – Do your kids take a lunch from home just sometimes and now you want to start making one every-single-day (or have them make one)? Here are some ideas, and I’m working on Part II of this series!

School Lunch Collage1


Make Your Own Chicken Broth – You could start making your own homemade chicken broth. It’s easy to do and SO much better for you. You get a lot of broth and there are many ways to use it. And there are so many benefits to bone broth. They are listed in this post.

whole chicken & broth collage


Save Money – Did you spend too much in 2014 and want to save some money to be able to buy more organic food? 😉 Here are my money saving tips. I am constantly trying to save money so we can continue to eat the way we do.

money saving tips


Start a Garden – It’s not too early to start thinking about a garden for this year. I’m already thinking about what we want to plant next. We had our first organic garden last year and overall I would say it went really great! (FYI, the picture below, on the right, is not from our garden but from my Grandma’s.)

IMG_2962garden kids

Juice or Make Smoothies – Do you want to juice or make smoothies? Or maybe you do it already but want to do it more often. I do both but definitely make smoothies more than juice. Here is my comparison of the two.

carrot, apple, orange juicesmoothie










Lose Weight – This is what I did and ended up shedding off 30 pounds over several months, without trying to lose weight. I just wanted to feel better. I know everyone is different, but this worked for me.

before and after


Help Spouse and/or Kids Eat Organic – Maybe you are eating completely organic and now you want to help your spouse and/or kids to completely make the switch. Here’s what I did to help my husband and kids eat organic foods.

3 year old trying an organic pop-tart and almond chocolate milk for the first time


Survive Fibro – We all know there’s no cure for Fibro but we can try to survive it each day. Here are my Tips for Surviving Fibro. If you just want to feel better, try some of these tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Daily Tips for Surviving Fibromyalgia


Get Rid of the Chemicals in Your Home – Do you still have chemicals in your home? Start with making your own cleaners. Here are my natural cleaners, and I especially like the hand soap.

natural cleaners


Switch to All Organic – Maybe you buy some things organic but you want to make the complete switch, or do you know someone who is thinking about making the switch? You can share this with them.

First Steps in Switching to Organic


Stick with an Exercise Routine (I’m going to use these tips!) – How to stick with your exercise routine.

first race


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